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Proxarium online multiplayer game

  • ■ Fight with other players in online multiplayer
  • ■ Construct your machine, using different modules
  • ■ Destroy enemy machines with shells, machine guns, mines and explosives
  • ■ Increase abilities with getting more experienced
  • ■ Play on natural landscape with cliffs, hills and gorges
  • ■ Competitive game modes (CTF and DM)
  • ■ Realistic view on grounds (Fog of War)

The game is still being developed, but you can already play Proxarium online on this page through Flash player with other players in competitive modes.


proxarium screenshot

proxarium screenshot

proxarium screenshot

proxarium screenshot

proxarium screenshot

proxarium screenshot

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Latest news of Proxarium

June, 11th, 2014
We've updated the game version. Terrain has become more varied with trees, bushes, cactuses, stubs and some other objects. Improved team chat, added the ability to sell items in the workshop. Refreshed a little bit almost all the maps in the grounds (put in turrets, made some minor changes) and added several new maps.

proxarium trees

May, 22th, 2014
There is a big change added to the game — an ability to gain experience. Now, depending on the player's experience level there are available different grounds with distinctive game modes, weapons, items and buildings. Player's experience level is displayed in the table with the other players.
Also we've improved quick menu, added new keys when using the keyboard, emoticons to chat, some hints that appear during the team play, and made a lot of other improvements.
In more detail read on our blog.

April 26th, 2014
There are a lot of improvements in the last update: added 4 types of turrets, HP bar to the inventory, new maps, a bunch of sounds, increased visibility in the Fog of War and so forth. Check them out!
In more detail read on our blog.

March 31th, 2014
We've added hints to the game and briefings to the maps, made some improvements on the server.
In more detail read on our blog.

March 10th, 2014
Greetings! We've finally started! It took us quite a lot time to get at this point. Please, welcome.

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