About Proxarium


Proxarium is a team-based online multiplayer game where you choose a machine, assemble or disassemble it as you want, join a team and play against other-team player's machines. This is a perfect game for you if you are fond of the good old tank games with hot battles, picking up any power-ups, completing different objectives, but would like to play them in more challenging and absorbing way with a lot of people, a bunch of extra abilities, realistic view (with Fog of War) and on natural landscape.
The game is still being developed, but you can already play online through Flash player with other players in competitive modes, for free.

  • ■ Fight with other players in online multiplayer
  • ■ Construct your machine, using different modules
  • ■ Destroy enemy machines with shells, machine guns, mines and explosives
  • ■ Increase abilities with getting more experienced
  • ■ Play on natural landscape with cliffs, hills and gorges
  • ■ Competitive game modes (CTF and DM)
  • ■ Realistic view on grounds (Fog of War)

Platforms and requirements

Windows, Mac, Linux + installed Flash Player


Gameplay trailer


proxarium screenshot
proxarium screenshot
proxarium screenshot
proxarium screenshot
proxarium screenshot
proxarium screenshot

Our team

Sasha Slobodenyuk — graphics, client programming;
Vasiliy Rusyakin — backend, client, site programming, map design;

Oksana Artsybasova — game english translation, website support
DJ Paul Mira — music

Write us — team@proxarium.com.

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